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CVRC provide a wide range of SAP & WMS Consultant Services



At CVRC, we provide SAP consulting, development and support services to our customers across the UK and Ireland.

We can fully understand your business requirements and will support SAP based solutions. We enable our customers to best utilise their SAP products to support existing and new business requirements.

Our experienced has been gained working with leading companies including Eon, Sharp Electronics , Primeline Logistics and Nissin Corporation. The skills acquired gives us the confidence to create value and reduce cost in your organisation.

CVRC has the knowledge and experience in high quality SAP consulting offering a genuine commitment at a sensible price.

Our model of local and off-site consultancy offers the expert mix of development and support.


Warehouse Management Systems, or WMS, is used to control all aspects of warehouse logistic operations. It offers supply chain management, product receipt, inventory management and extends to all warehouse functions allowing the development of added-value activities and complete performance management.

Successful WMS specification is built on the foundation of communication across the whole warehousing operation understanding the supply chain, the warehouse operation, the people and all your customer’s requirements. It can integrate with different Business Management Systems and Transport Management Systems (TMS) which may include 3PL interfaces.

Our role is to ensure exact specification of the user’s requirements to ensure the WMS meets the needs of the business for now and future growth in a cost effective manner.


CVRC is all about creating value within your organisation and reducing cost.

Our skills have been gained during 3 decades of working with major UK companies.